To manage the daily complexities of our clients’ lives, each one of our client families has a dedicated and exclusive team of professionals who are always available to the family members.  As no two families are alike, we specifically design multi-disciplinary teams to suit each family’s needs and style.  The team members are carefully selected, based on the specific complexities of each family and resultant family office solution.

TwinFocus family office clients have a single point-of-contact and know that all aspects of the family’s financial lives are being managed with the utmost care.  The Director serves as the family’s wealth management team leader, responsible for administering the family office solution, coordinating and drawing necessary resources from each practice area and amongst outside professionals.

The Director is supported by multiple team members, such as a Client Service Associate and Portfolio Advisor, with accreditations and experience in wealth management, investment management and administration.

The bespoke and integrated team approach to managing intergenerational wealth is a hallmark of our offering.