Organizations, like private clients, depend on the performance of their investment portfolios to fulfill their mission and goals. While institutional investment management has unique challenges, our approach is similar to that of managing private client portfolios. Our core beliefs regarding our investment process remain the same.

We work closely with our institutional clients to:

  • Develop an Investment Policy Statement that will provide the framework for future investment decisions;
  • Implement an investment strategy to achieve the institution’s long term goals;
  • Implement an Asset Allocation Model in accordance with the institution’s investment strategy using the manager selection process of Twin Focus; and
  • Monitor, rebalance and report results to a periodic basis as per the needs of the institution


In this low yielding environment, we have found Endowment and Foundation consultancy has its very particular set of headwinds.   As part of our consultative process in addressing the Fiduciary Trilemma, we work closely with Boards and/or Trustees in helping fulfill fiduciary standards as they pertain to investment portfolio by addressing and integrating discussion of the following:

  • Investment strategic asset allocation and asset base
  • Targeted risk and return objectives
  • Flexibility and suitability of spending policies

In addition to investment management issues, we advise closely held and publicly held corporations regarding their profit sharing plans, 401K plans, defined benefit plans and other pools of assets, on issues such as investment design and review, cost containment and management. With respect to corporate executives, we assist with the implementation of 10b5-1 Plans, as well as tax planning initiatives surrounding restricted and phantom stock, incentive and non-qualified stock options, and executive supplemental retirement programs.

TwinFocus works closely with entrepreneurs and owners of privately held companies in identifying cash flow planning strategies as well as liquidity events. These services include:

  • Working with founder/entrepreneur to identify various intermediaries (investment bankers, business brokers, counsel, valuation experts, insurers, etc.).
  • Working with owner prior to sale to develop a tax-efficient liquidity event or succession plan.
  • Working collectively with bankers, lawyers and the owner(s) to design appropriate exit strategies, negotiate deal/financing terms, etc.
  • Consulting with owners and partners to craft strategic solutions for tax planning, insurance planning and continuity planning.