Alternative investments may consist of non-traditional assets with economic value potential not traditionally found in standard investment portfolios. They may include hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, commodities, private equity funds, venture capital, and global real estate as well as daily commingled fund structures that pursue non-traditional management styles often targeted to absolute returns and low correlation to broader capital markets.

Ultimately, we believe it is particularly important with alternative investments to identify and allocate only to those managers who strictly follow their stated investment objectives, use leverage wisely and are appropriately organized and structured to minimize the operational risks and be able to manage the money for which they are entrusted.

Why invest in Alternatives?

These asset classes can effectively improve the aggregate portfolio risk-adjusted return. Certain types of Alternative Investments may also provide an absolute return focus, with a critical element of principal protection during volatile markets.

We feel exposure to a diverse basket of different asset classes via managers with the ability to hedge and/or dynamically re-allocate, improving the probability of portfolio outperformance under different market conditions in different parts of the capital markets cycle, with only marginal increases to overall portfolio risk budgets.

Our Manager/Strategy Selection Process

TwinFocus’ exhaustive due-diligence process and extensive industry contacts/network continues to uncover opportunistic alternative investments worldwide. As a result, we can provide our clients an open architecture and platform of innovative investment strategies tailored to meet their specific needs and financial goals, without the restraints found in brokerage and financial services firms.

TwinFocus is dedicated to selecting fund managers that not only provide value-added services, but share a set of principles consistent with the Twin Focus Team: systematic, well-seasoned, disciplined, ethical, experienced yet flexible with their investment approach.