As with the Twin Focus Investment Process, our Consulting Process is equally comprehensive, involving a multi-step approach customized to the unique circumstances and needs of each family and institution.

Considerations we integrate into our consulting process include:

The first crucial component of any family office relationship is to know and understand our clients.  We sit down with all members of the family and all critical personnel for our institutional clients to fully understand all aspects of their lifestyles, business affairs and interests including their goals & objectives.  The information gathering is ongoing as our clients’ family dynamics change over time and evolve.

The next step involves clearly defining the mission and vision of the family wealth and prioritizing the developmental needs of the family.  As part of this component, we design educational programs, customized for each family member, to the extent they wish to participate, to help them make better-informed decisions and understand their individual and shared values.  We also provide for the implementation of a well-planned philanthropic program that reflects the values of the family and assists with the recipient selection process.

As part of every governance program, we prepare the next generation for the privileges and responsibilities of wealth, and help create a structure to ensure continuity of family decision-making that will provide for the smooth inter-generational transition of wealth.
There are only three potential beneficiaries of our clients’ estates — heirs, charity, or the government. One of the questions our clients struggle with most is the level of wealth to pass along to their descendants, and how much to gift to philanthropic pursuits. US tax payers can use their entire lifetime building financial legacy for future heirs, although estate taxes can diminish and destroy multi-generational wealth. We specialize in advanced wealth transfer tax planning that enables our clients to efficiently transfer additional wealth to their descendants. We believe that a thoughtful and well-implemented estate plan can trump good investment planning any day. We do both.

Wealth management is last piece of the family office puzzle where we assimilate all of the data and create an investment solution that reflects the risk & return parameters of the entire family, within the context of a rigorous risk management process embodied in a well-crafted Asset Allocation model.
As an integral part of this process are financial and tax planning considerations to help achieve wealth transfer goals, tax optimization, a philanthropic program to facilitate charitable goals and insurance assessment for risk management. These areas are reviewed as often as needed in response to changing circumstances, goals, and market conditions. Our team includes formerly practicing attorneys, tax accountants, insurance professionals and financial planners, which enables us to analyze and incorporate all aspects of our clients’ lives into one our family office solution.
We work with your existing counsel and tax professionals, seeking to reduce your costs while accelerating the impact of our integrated planning efforts. Amidst a rapidly changing tax and economic environment, our family office team is committed to developing a sophisticated solution that meets the needs of the most complex to help preserve your family’s wealth.
Whether it’s setting up trusts for wealth transfer, identifying the intangible aspects worthy of consideration for the dispositive terms of your documents, working with you to extend your values in your legacy plan, or establishing a charitable giving approach, we apply progressive and sophisticated planning techniques to your investment and family office strategy. We help to form a plan tailored to your needs — a plan that will yield both peace of mind and a lasting legacy for you and your family.

Overseeing and stewarding extraordinary wealth requires innovative strategies that go beyond mere investment performance.  Our clients lead busy and complicated lives. Our job is to allow them to easily oversee and to understand their finances while their exclusive family office team focuses on seamlessly managing the day-to-day.  The TwinFocus team has experience working with some of the nation’s wealthiest families. We have the ability to efficiently organize and manage the most complex estate planning and financial structures.