Our clients are often involved in complex financial situations across multiple disciplines that require comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.

The TwinFocus family office consulting process begins with gaining a deep understanding of not only balance sheet assets and investments, but the complete financial picture.  It is this 360° view that allows us to identify and understand all the ways in which family financial decisions impact one another, from taxes to investment risk & return parameters, as well as liquidity requirements.

The exhaustive discovery efforts, collection of information that manifests into the knowledge of our family office clients is only the first step; a team of experts with years of experience across various financial disciplines best suited for each family’s specific circumstances, then work to synthesize this information into an integrated family office solution.

Our focus on families has given us a deep understanding of the unique tax situations, intra-family dynamics and investment requirements of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.  We frequently serve as our clients’ outsourced Chief Financial, Fiduciary, Administrative and Investment Officer, helping to guide them through the most suitable family office solutions for their specific needs.

Our Core Multi Family Office Services include:

  • In-depth Discovery and Due Diligence, culminating into an Investment Policy Statement
  • Global Macro Asset Advisory
  • Investment Consulting & Portfolio Construction
  • Customized asset allocation based on our proprietary research and investment approach
  • Manager/Strategy Selection & Portfolio Monitoring
  • Favorable fees and terms by leveraging our firm buying power
  • Custodian Identification
  • Holistic Balance Sheet Management
  • Prudent selection and use of portfolio leverage
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Closely held business planning
  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Enhancement of philanthropic strategies
  • Consolidated Reporting, Performance Measurement & Risk Monitoring
  • Evaluation, selection, and close collaboration with external advisors, attorneys, and accountants
  • Seamless execution and implementation of family office solutions

We also offer services more traditionally associated with Single Family Office, including:

  • Bill Paying
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Cash flow planning and forecasting
  • Guidance on trust administration, accounting and monitoring
  • Life, disability, medical, health, and long term care insurance
  • Asset protection and risk management
  • Family Education & Governance
  • Philanthropic Consulting

We remain flexible and dynamic in our commitment to working with our clients, who may have existing relationships with third-party trusted advisors, considerable legacy investments, or entirely new wealth with little to no investment experience.

Client Circumstances

Our family office clientele includes globally diverse families in unique situations that have often enjoyed successful careers in one of the following circumstances:

  • They worked with several money managers, banks, brokers, etc. and may custody funds globally. None of their individual advisors were monitoring or had the capabilities of overseeing the aggregate picture, putting the clients’ in a disadvantage where they could not gauge the risk of entire portfolio or asset base.
  • They were confused, ill-advised and/or dissatisfied with their current wealth manager, investment products, etc. and were seeking a firm that was able to serve in a fiduciary capacity on their behalf; all while eliminating conflicts of interest and uncovering various layers of hidden fees where there was little to no value offered.
  • They sold a substantial asset or business, inherited considerable assets, amassed sizeable wealth over time or had some other major type of liquidity event that provided them with a significant pool of assets that needed to be invested in a prudent manner.
  • They had a Family Office in place, but were exploring the potential benefits of outsourcing this function to an outside firm to achieve the benefits of scale from other family offices and/or to receive other benefits only Multi Family Offices are equipped and able to deliver.
    They were Families in which the Family P/Matriarchs were the chief investment overseers and were now in need of a transition strategy to convey those functions to a Family Office capable of performing all the services of a Chief Investment, Financial and Administrative Officer over a multi-generational framework.

Family Office Solutions

We use a holistic approach to wealth maximization within a multi-generational framework, solving some of the problematic shortcomings associated with traditional asset management by:

  • Organizing and assembling Family financial affairs into one comprehensive picture, taking into consideration the interests of each family member in order to simplify their lives and allow them to focus on other ventures and endeavors.
  • Accessing the best products and services globally, coordinating activities and evaluating current and alternative custodians, negotiating fees, and retaining the most innovative and worthy investment strategies in each assets class.
  • Educate our clients on all aspects of the investment and planning process by providing clear, concise and transparent reporting and education programs on the many aspects of the family wealth accumulation process.
  • Devote meaningful time to developing relationships with each client and family member. Provide access to all principals and client service members of Twin Focus who are on-call seven days a week to assist with important circumstances and decisions.
  • Provide smooth transitions for Family Patriarchs who can no longer conduct the detailed day-to-day investment affairs of the Family by becoming the Family Chief Financial, Administrative and Investment Officers.