Long-term family success and sustainability depends on multiple factors such as family communication, efficient decision-making and effective execution that spans across multiple generations.   TwinFocus provides the long term vision in putting today’s decisions in the context of their impact on the next generation, rather than on the next quarter.

Our approach is objective, disciplined, ongoing, and responsive in providing strategic guidance to the dynamically changing circumstances of our global clientele. TwinFocus has the capabilities to educate and counsel families on these critical and sensitive issues.

As part of our broad range and full suite of family office services, we offer:

  • Objective & Independent Financial Advice administrated in a team-orientated culture
  • Creative Solutions to Wealth Management Challenges
  • Financial, Estate, Tax & Philanthropic Planning that takes a holistic balance sheet approach
  • Customized Reporting & Risk Monitoring

We provide direction and coordination with all family service providers and trusted advisors to deliver our solutions and services under our Hub & Spoke Family Office Model:

Hub & Spoke Family Office Model