TwinFocus News

The New York Times (February 2019):
When Private Fights Over Millions Become Public (Things Get Ugly)

Boston Business Journal (February 2019):
Boston wealth firm sees ‘Opportunity’ in real estate tax-relief program

Citywealth (February 2019):
TwinFocus Expands Global Family Office Solution with M&A and Real Estate Advisory Services (February 2019):
Multi-Single-Family Offices Are the Future for UHNW Families

Business Wire (February 2019):
TwinFocus Expands Global Family Office Solution with M&A and Real Estate Advisory Services

Business Wire (January 2019):
TwinFocus Advises on Markerstudy Acquisition of Co-op Insurance for £185m

The Sunday Times (January 2019):
The rich are preparing to leave Britain if Jeremy Corbyn gets into No 10

Bloomberg (December 2018):
Brits Are Property Rich. Jeremy Corbyn Wants a Piece of It, Adviser Warns

Forbes (November 2018):
Precision Options Strategies for the Ultra-High Net Worth Family Office

Bloomberg (November 2018):
Ultra-Rich on Edge as Brexit Chaos Boosts Odds of Corbyn’s Rise

FT Adviser (November 2018):
Diary of an Adviser: Harinder Hundle

International Investment (October 2018):
Boston UHNWI specialist opens London office

Forbes (October 2018):
Tax Benefits Of The Opportunity Zone Program For HNWIs

Family Wealth Report (October 2018):
US Multi-Family Office Opens London Operation

Press Release (October 2018):
TwinFocus Opens London Office to Expand Opportunities for Global Ultra-High-Net-Worth Professional Investors and their Families

Forbes (September 2018):
Options Strategies For The Ultra-High Net Worth Family Balance Sheet

American Inno (August 2018):
Wealth Manager Talks About Family Office’s Hidden Stash for Startups

Forbes (August 2018):
Ultra-High Net Worth Need Advisors Who Know How Investments And Taxes Interact

Bloomberg (May 2018):
How to Invest in Hedge Funds and Pay No Taxes

Bloomberg (May 2018):
Here’s How Much Money You Need for Bankers to Think You’re Rich

Financial Advisor HQ (May 2018):
Top FAs Reveal Keys to Keeping Millennial Business (March 2018):
High Single Family Office Threshold Pushes Clients to Multi-Family Model

National Real Estate Investor (February 2018):
What’s the CRE Strategy for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investors? An Investment Manager’s Outlook

Market Watch  (February 2018):
Here’s what Super Bowl LII players can teach you about not blowing a salary bonus

Financial Advisor IQ  (January 2018):
Why Munis Won’t Matter Anymore to Many HNW Clients

Financial Advisor IQ  (January 2018):
FAs Warn HNW Clients: Key Tax Exemptions End for Munis

CampdenFB (October 2017):
Preserving Family Wealth: Educating children and preparing for their new spouse

Financial Times (June 2017):
FT 300: full list of top US registered investment advisors

Financial Times (June 2017):
Top advisers pull their clients’ investments out of hedge funds

Bloomberg Family Office Report (June 2017):
How Philanthropy Can Turn the Younger Generation Into Wealth Managers (Page 16)

Forbes (June 2017):
Getting To Know You Tuesday: John Pantekidis

Family Wealth Report (March 2017):
The US as a haven for the UHNW foreign family – Friend of Foe?

VentureBeat (March 2017):
Family money: An emerging funding source startups

Techcrunch (December 2016):
The rise of the family office venture investor