Investment Services


With preservation of capital and risk-managed growth as the foundations of our investment philosophy, we begin the investment process by forming a Top-Down view of the global capital market landscape to determine where the best strategic and tactical opportunities exist.


Our prudent investment process goes far beyond allocating assets across a broad array of asset classes by using different investment vehicles. We take a holistic balance sheet approach that encompasses clients’ illiquid assets, both tangible and intangible, as well as business ventures and portfolio companies, and have built proprietary technology that provides this insight In near real-time. We layer on an extremely disciplined risk management methodology to ensure our clients’ objectives are being pragmatically addressed.


TwinFocus combines best-in-class, personal service with world-class financial expertise to offer clients an independent and objective investment management solution. Our traditional consulting services include capital market research, asset allocation and asset/liability monitoring, manager/strategy identification and related due diligence and monitoring, along with performance measurement.